Strategic Advisory Services

Our clients turn to us as colleagues, making us an extension of their team, to enhance their strategic choices and decisions. Open to challenges both large and small, our experienced team is always ready to dig in.

More than 25 years of experience gives us a globally-integrated perspective on how dynamic, yet critical, success factors create new strategic opportunities. We are privileged to serve the majority of our clients in long term relationships. This enables us to be on a common wavelength to help capitalize on opportunities around the world. We are equally at ease undertaking custom projects: facilitating transformational acquisitions, enhancing board and management effectiveness, exploring new product opportunities.

Relationships Are Everything: We work closely with senior managers to enhance their strategic choices. Whether working with the CEO as a confidant or on a sensitive strategic initiative, maintaining confidences is our most important asset. Our reach into a community of distinguished business and science experts informs much of our work. Above all, the team focuses on formulating the right questions to define your investment or strategic objectives. Then, at times using non-traditional avenues, we help you achieve your goals.

Boundless Opportunities: Key to finding opportunities is looking in nontraditional places. Our work takes us around the globe. We've kept a steady pulse on the worldwide BioPharma industry throughout its many cycles since the late 1970s. With an ongoing study of over 400 companies at all stages of maturity, we maintain a close dialogue with managements worldwide.

Who We Are: Finding strategic opportunities and understanding value is our passion. We have honed our skills by building a top-notch team blending industry experience, financial common sense and scientific expertise; yet we are small and nimble. With this cross-fertilization and a focus on innovation, we challenge each other to dig deep and uncover actionable ideas. Our self-discipline in analyzing both the positive and negative challenges facing the industry culminates in our annual flagship report, Mehta Partners' BioPharma Outlook.

What We Do

Constant study of the critical issues facing today's BioPharma companies ideally positions us to help you work through these challenges:

Strategic Collaborations are a marathon: The success rate even lower than getting a new drug to the market. Internal debates can be more difficult than resistance from the target. We live through these challenges with you, smoothing the path with a deep knowledge of the industry and the finesse to judge the psyche of various stakeholders-not to mention the nuances of the whole process. We've helped your peers find and execute the right buyer, target or partner and welcome a chance to be a part of your team.

Team Building: Attracting and retaining quality people is easier said than done. We can help enhance board effectiveness and executive decision-making by acting as an advisor and sounding board-and even a devil's advocate-with discretion and professionalism as we tap into our global network.

Product Development: The search for new products remains the single most frustrating and often unfulfilled challenge amidst generic competition, R&D investments, immature "new science", and escalating costs. This remains the single largest focus of our team on behalf of our clients around the world.

Operational Efficiency: Expanding or even maintaining margins is not a task many managers in our industry have faced until recently. We are actively engaged in emerging markets as the BioPharma industry has matured in India, China and other increasingly important places. Clients turn to us as a first resource to evaluate the needs arising from such shifts and to help implement action plans to reshape R&D and other aspects of their operations.

Strategic Focus: Sharpening a strategy calls for a refined vision of the future along with a long term and sustained process in which we are often fortunate to participate.

Custom Projects: No two projects are the same. In addition to our primary services, we've also acted as armchair advisors, conducted asset transactions, built in-depth financial and market models, performed due diligence, and made introductions. The list goes on.

We invite you to talk with us about your needs and give us the opportunity to share with you our unconventional and personal approach. Our agile team is geared to embark with you on your new ventures.

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