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Meet the members of the Mehta Partners team and learn about the special skills we put to use when it matters most: finding the answers to your investment and strategic questions.


 Viren Mehta

Viren Mehta, PharmD, MBA, Managing Member, founded and is managing member of Mehta Partners, LLC. His analytical insights on global health care have influenced bio-pharmaceutical strategy and investments worldwide. Educated at the University of Southern California (Doctor of Pharmacy) and UCLA (MBA in international finance and marketing), he has worked with senior BioPharma leaders and investment managers for over 30 years. Gather Health is Viren's new initiative to empower patients while enhancing physician productivity. Gather Health brings together providers (physicians, nurses, dietician, exercise therapist and others) and patients' social network (other patients, friends and family), enabling patient to get real-time and active resources and motivation from this team that improves outcomes. Physicians are able to see more patients due to the efficiencies fostered by the GH triage engine. Gather Health is headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations in Beijing, Mumbai and New York. Viren's biopharma strategic advisory work focuses on refining the business model to expand global healthcare access, and to help the bio-pharmaceutical industry succeed globally. Viren’s philanthropic work in ecology and education through viram foundation includes an active board role with Project Hope (Washington DC) and the Venice Family Clinic (Los Angeles, CA). Viren began with Merck & Co. in international strategic planning and competitor analysis. This foundation prompted Wood MacKenzie & Company Inc. to invite him to establish a pharmaceutical research function in New York. This effort was expanded at S.G. Warburg & Company, and led to the formation of the BioPharma investment advisory group Mehta and Isaly. Now known as Mehta Partners, with a 30-year record, Viren continues to focus on helping refine investment strategy to achieve superior growth while enhancing access to healthcare innovations.


Mehta Partners New York

Reid Hamilton

Reid Hamilton, Partner, has over 12 years' experience working at the intersection of finance and biopharmaceuticals. A solid knowledge of the factors driving the industry; economic, commercial, regulatory, and scientific inform the work he does with senior managers helping to guide and execute on their strategic vision. Prior to joining Mehta, Reid worked for Microsoft and Easy Systems Inc., a banking software firm acquired by Harlan. Reid received his Bachelors in Economics from Western Washington University.

Sushant Kumar

Sushant Kumar, Ph.D, Partner, brings extensive scientific, clinical, financial and industry knowledge and has over seventeen years of experience in the healthcare sector, ranging from business development & strategic planning, investing globally in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as strategic and financial advisory roles. Dr. Kumar has been instrumental in formulating new strategic initiatives for several biopharmaceutical companies (based in the US and Asia) and negotiating cross-border transactions within the healthcare industry.

His prior experience spans investment and consulting firms specializing in healthcare sector, including the Genesis Group (acquired by Wolters Kluwer), Rx Capital, and Ardana Capital. Previously, he was managing partner and portfolio manager at Ardana Capital Management, an investment firm focused on the biopharmaceutical sector. At Genesis Group, he worked closely with large pharma clients (R&D and BD groups) to assess and implement in-licensing and acquisition opportunities across different therapeutic areas, with a focus on oncology, metabolic, and autoimmune/inflammatory indications.

Dr. Kumar earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Rutgers Medical School, at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology & Medicine (CABM), and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School where he conducted research in viral and molecular oncology and was awarded the American Cancer Society (ACS) Fellowship Award. Dr. Kumar has published numerous articles in major peer-reviewed journals and is a past recipient of the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR) Award for Scientific Excellence. Sushant received his BA from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.

Amita Rodman

Amita Rodman, MPA, Business Manager, was CFO of a for-profit health venture in Los Angeles and Assistant Chief Operating Officer at a teaching hospital in New York. Her degrees in Psychology, Pre-Law and Public Health were earned at the University of Southern California. She is a Business Manager for the firm.

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