About Mehta Partners

To lead in global pharmaceutical and biotechnology strategy and investments by maintaining an in-depth understanding and worldwide perspective on the industry, and to work closely with investors and senior managers to enhance their strategic choices.

The reputation of Mehta Partners rests on a body of work that began in 1980s with the aim of "maintaining a birds-eye view of the pharma, biotech and healthcare industry worldwide."

Viren Mehta, founder and managing partner of Mehta Partners, formulated this objective and emphasized that the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical segments are ultimately indistinguishable parts of the BioPharma industry; and that BioPharma is a truly global industry that is best understood when viewed from a worldwide perspective.

Now these beliefs are de rigueur within the pharmaceutical and investment communities, but back then Mehta Partners was among the very few trotting the globe to discover opportunities-no matter where they resided.

Viren was an early recruiter of MDs and PhDs to the investment research and strategic advisory world. He believed that in order to better understand investing in the industry one needs to understand the rapidly evolving science driving it. As a result, three critical skill sets have always underpinned our team's ability to provide added value and a distinctive view of the dynamic, knowledge driven BioPharma industry: scientific savvy, industry experience, and financial commonsense. With a solid underpinning in science and finance, the research and opinions formulated by Mehta Partners and its international affiliates have a long-term perspective.

Today this foundation is a springboard for new opportunities. Mehta Partners has expanded its presence beyond the New York headquarters through international affiliates. The largest of these operates in India, a country that has become a notable player on the world stage of BioPharma. Mehta Partners continues to provide thought-content to institutional investors and pharmaceutical executives, boards and teams globally.

Who we are is based on years of experience. Many of our relationships span over a decade. We have become an extension of our clients’ teams and are happy to be their sounding board and, when needed, a devil's advocate. We provide our clients an entrepreneurial edge and do so with absolute discretion...a most important asset. Ultimately, we are enriched in tangible and intangible ways when our clients prosper.

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