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As of July 1st 2010, Institutional Research is wholly provided by MP Advisors (call +1.212.343.6096 or see Click the button to the right to search the Library Archives.

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Our Research Library represents the sum of our experience and insights on BioPharma. Each publication provides thoughtful analysis of the events that affect our clients in this rapidly changing industry. Mehta Partners published a variety of research, archived here for quick reference by our subscribing clients. Historical pieces are available to Registered Users. Our research includes:

BioPharma Outlook Publication
An extensive survey of the industry, with chapters covering our top picks, valuation, future drivers (ranging from in-depth R&D pipeline assessment to generic and biosimilar challenges), therapeutic class overviews, a look at industry consolidation, milestones, and company-specific commentary on nearly 200 companies.
Therapeutic Class Overviews
Analysis of the forces driving innovation and investment opportunities within a given disease area, where new product flow may change clinical practice.
Mid-Month Updates
Concisely summarizes our current thoughts on all worldwide BioPharma companies under active coverage.
Notes and Reports
Comprehensive updates on select companies and macro trends to highlight long and short opportunities as they arise.
Morning Meeting Musings
Inspired by the analysis emerging from our daily team meetings, these bullet points offer insight on near term developments.
BIR Performance Analysis
We monitor the performance of our investment recommendations in a paper portfolio (BioPharmaceutical Investment Recommendations), providing you with a monthly update on how our calls perform. This report also includes useful weekly and monthly price variation tables to help you stay alert to evolving price trends.
BIR Valuation Analysis
Complementing our BIR Performance Analysis, each quarter we provide you with our proprietary valuation tables (for both profitable and unprofitable companies), which highlight the relative values of companies under our coverage.